2021 Kitchen Trends

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We love keeping up with all the newest trends when it comes to our home. It is fun to review predictions for the upcoming season and apply them to our favorite spaces. Here are a few kitchen trends you are sure to see in the new year. Question is, will you use them in your home? 

It is safe to say it is not likely an all-white kitchen will ever go out of style but trust us 2021 has some trends that will make you equally satisfied! For the upcoming year think about natural elements which is pretty perfect for us here in Alaska because we can pull from our surroundings and use those colors as inspiration! 


1) One big trend we expect to see in 2021 is a colorful kitchen island. This will make a big statement in your home and it is a fairly do-able change that you can tackle on your own. 


2) Rustic woods have been around for ages but are making a comeback in a big way this year. Pair these woods with a painted cabinet and totally transform your space. 


3) Terra Cotta tiles are just the earthy look you need to warm up your kitchen. Pair them with brass hardware or soapstone countertops to fully complete a traditional look. 


4) Wallpaper has become a common staple you see in a lot of homes these days. Yes, it has fully made a recovery and is a lot less scary than the wallpaper we remember from back in the day. You have so many peel-and-stick options for trendy designs that are extremely easy to install and remove. Add an accent wall to your kitchen for a quick transformation this season.


5) Pretty up your pantry space! Don't just throw and stuff things in your pantry, treat it as an extension of your kitchen and make it pretty! Paint it, organize it, and be proud of your extra storage space! 


These are just a few amazing trends we will see this year. We hope that you bring some of these changes into your home this year, you won't regret it!