Are You Ready For Fur Rondy?

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Fur Rendevous is officially here, and that means the streets of anchorage are about to come alive! From snow sculptures to winter sports and everything in between, we can't wait to experience Fur Rondy this year! 

If you are new to the area Fur Rendevous is a local tradition that represents the pioneering spirit of Alaskans, and this year we are celebrating 86 years of hosting this incredible event! There is really nothing quite like it, you will see culture, winter sports activities, and countless events taking place around town from now until March 7th. This year might be a little different due to the current situation with COVID-19. Check online to see what events are now virtual and which are live in person. When attending live events please be courteous of others and check local updates to keep up with all CDC guidelines, rules, and regulations. 


Will you be attending the opening night of Fur Rondy? Here is what we will see taking place this evening. The snow sculpture competition will be taking place you can view the amazing slow sculptures downtown and cast your vote for the winner! Artists will transform 8x8x8-foot blocks of snow into masterpieces! Enjoy the amateur photo contest featuring local photographers, attend the World Championship Outdoor Hockey Tournament®, or check out the virtual fur auction! If you are interested to learn more about each event please click here

Wishing you all a very happy Fur Rondy!