Back to School Lunches

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Whether you are homeschooling, virtual learning, or have your kiddos back in the classroom one thing you will need is a good healthy lunch for your little ones. Now that we are now officially back in school mode, we have a few fantastic lunch ideas we want to share with you to help keep your kids full, focused, and energized all day long. 


Option 1) Smoked salmon with cream cheese and crackers. Olives, fresh berries, a side of yogurt, or trail mix. 


Option 2) Hummus and pita bread, tomatoes, cucumbers feta cheese, and a side of almonds. 


Option 3) Cheese quesadilla, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, and fruit salad. 


Option 4) Veggie wraps with hummus and crackers. Include a side of grapes or an apple. 


Option 5) Tuna wrap, peppers, and carrots with veggie dip and cheese cubes. 


Option 6) Classic PB&J on whole grain bread with a side of crackers yogurt and an apple. 


Option 7) Pasta salad with a side of grapes, hummus, and pita bread. 


Option 8) Bagel, cream cheese, and salmon locks. Include a side of fruit salad with cottage cheese or fruit leather and trail mix. 


Option 9) Mixed green salad with dressing and hummus. Side of hard-boiled eggs and an apple. 


Option 10) Turkey and cheddar roll-ups, fresh berries, and a granola bar.



All of these lunch options pair well with organic orange, apple juice, or water. We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful school year!