Buying or Selling this Fall All You Need to Know

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Real Estate

We saw a phenomenal market this summer in Alaska and heading into the fall, we expect no change. If you are considering buying or selling this season contact us today. We want to help make your real estate dreams come true. 


Buying or selling in the fall has some big perks, here are just a few. You can get your sale complete right at the end of the year for a year-end tax break. Also, the weather will be the perfect temperature for moving, not too hot and not too cold. Although the midnight sun is out of view and the days are getting shorter, you will still have a little extra daylight to make your moving days a breeze this time of year. 


Considering putting your home on the market this Autumn? Make sure you follow these guidelines to get your home sold quickly. Keep your front yard raked and tidy. Leaves begin to change and the last thing you want is a messy yard during showings. Make sure the exterior of your home is maintained and windows are washed. Homeowners tend to overlook dirty windows until they are grimy, keeping your windows clean will reflect well to potential buyers. If you don't have seasonal plants in the ground consider getting some, Chrysanthemums, Mums, and Marigolds bloom well during these months! This will help your home stand out from all the rest. Last but not least declutter and depersonalize the interior of your home if it is on the market. This helps potential buyers visualize themself in the space. For an extra special touch, you can burn a pumpkin spice candle or bake some fresh cookies to really sweeten the viewing experience. 


If you are in the market to purchase a home this fall we are here to help you get into your place before the winter season. Click here to view all our amazing inventory. If you see something you love give us a call. Make sure to have a checklist prepared of all your must-haves including non-negotiable items, schools, and the location of where you would like to live.  When looking at listings there can be an overwhelming amount of information to consider when mapping out what is most important. We want to tell you we are here to help you navigate through it all. If you are looking to wrap up 2020 with a purchase of a new home or selling the one you are currently in,  we want to make sure your transaction is as smooth as possible from start to finish.