Catch Up With Keira And Kelsey

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What will you take from 2020 into 2021? What did you learn, what will you do differently? Something we love to do is to choose a focus word for the year! This is a word you will "live" by, "live" for, and of course, a word you will PRACTICE. My focus word for business is BOLD. I will use BOLD to meet whatever comes my way head-on. In my personal life, my focus word is SCHOLARSHIP. I will live by this word to study and ponder in greater depth the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Kelsey's 2021 focus word is going to be "Thrive." In 2020 we saw great growth in business and for her, that wasn't without growing pains. Jumping into homeschooling, buying a house/moving, and staying married 🤣 all while being significantly busier with work than ever before left Kelsey surviving and not thriving. She is confident if 2021 brings similar hurdles, she will be able to navigate them more gracefully now that she knows she can, and this time, she will THRIVE doing so!

Interested to see what is going on with me and my family? Let's catch up. December was very different than many previous years as it was for everyone! I enjoyed the slower pace- I loved sitting in front of the fireplace looking at the twinkling lights on the tree in the evenings. I got to enjoy shopping leisurely (usually I'm making a mad dash at the last minute to fill stockings or buy the "perfect" gift) and taking the time to really think about each special person in my life and what I would like to gift them for the holidays. Christmas itself was very quiet- it was mostly Jerry, myself, and my dad enjoying quiet holiday meals. Jacob and Carter spent several days skiing at Alyeska and Sophia is still in Texas.

The highlight of December was Jerry's 60th birthday on Dec 26. We had all his kids and grandkids over~ the house was alive with music and singing (one of his daughters bought him a karaoke machine!), talking and laughter, great food, and perfect company! It felt so good to be together again with those we love and it reminded me that truly what matters most in life is our relationships. 

2020 is behind us ~ I learned, I grew, I was challenged, and I made it through. I'm ready for 2021, no matter what it throws my way!



Want to know what Kelsey and her family have been up to? Let's catch up!  Wow! What a year 2020 was and I am not even referring to COVID and how that continued to throw wrecking balls at literally EVERYONE! I am saying "WOW!" to 2020 because Keira and my business grew beyond our goals this year. It was exciting, humbling, and exhausting all at the same time. This wouldn't have been possible without our amazing clients & friends who continue to support our business by choosing us to help them buy/sell homes, referring us to friends and family, and tagging us on social media. Our families also deserve a shout out as our job is one of crazy schedules, moments of very high stress, and so many phone calls and text messages! Family members of Realtors must be some of the most patient people. 😜 Finally, I have to give a special thank you to Keira. She is equally helpful, forward-thinking, and kind to me as she is to her clients. She is the backbone of our business and I am so grateful to work alongside her. 

The Shirley family enjoyed a low key Christmas with all of our favorite foods, holiday movies, traditions, and so many legos! My parents traveled to celebrate with us after Christmas and will be bringing my kids back to AZ with them for a couple of weeks of homeschooling in the desert! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and we are wishing you a happy & healthy New Year!