Chic Ways To Decorate This Holiday

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We jumped into decorating your guest bedroom for the holidays in our last blog post and we want to follow up with a few chic ways to decorate the rest of your home this holiday season! These unique and stylish decor ideas will steal the show and have your family and friends in awe!


 Be inspired by nature this season and decorate table surfaces with a melody of whites, creams, and ivories. Incorporate an evergreen garland or wreath to complete the full look! You can even bring the winter wonderland to your home by incorporating faux or real branches, wood accents, and pinecone or Chesnut garlands. You can even cut evergreen branches and use them in glass vases to really spruce up your space! We mentioned lightly decorating the guest room in our last blog post. Continue that with decorating all bedrooms and bring the Christmas wonder to your children's rooms this year! Let them decorate a mini tree with the ornaments of their choice, hang an extra stocking next to their bedside, and fill it on Christmas eve so they wake up to a lovely surprise. You can even incorporate an advent calendar or garland to this space to really make it feel special. When decorating the kitchen sometimes you can get overwhelmed with the number of extra decorations that end up in this space. You don't have to go overboard you can get the job done by simply adding a minimalist wreath above the stove. As far as the Christmas tree you can go a few different ways. If you have minimal space go for a smaller tree, but make it a statement piece! You can have it be a flashy color or use some extraordinary decorations to complete the wow factor. If you have space to fill bigger is better! Bring home the biggest tree you can find and fill it with all your favorite ornaments and garlands to really showcase its beauty! 


We hope that some of these decorating tips make their way into your home this season, wishing you all a wonderful holiday!