Cold Weather Projects

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Most of us here in Alaska love the warm and cold months equally. We have many activities to do skiing, snow shoeing, dog sledding, and everything in between. Alaska is truly a winter wonderland. For those days where the sun doesn't shine or the snow is too wet to enjoy our favorite activities, we like to hunker down and tackle a few interior projects. Here are a few you can complete during the colder months to spruce up your space before the spring arrives. 


Patch any holes in your drywall. If you are planning to rearrange decor during the cooler months, be sure to take the time to get rid of those unsightly holes after redecorating. Once you have completed patching your drywall you can add a brand new coat of paint, this will give your space a whole new look. 


Install new flooring. If you have been going back and forth with wanting a new look now is the time to do it! You have plenty of time inside during the winter so why not tackle a big project like your floors? When installing floors be sure to open all boxes and let the planks acclimate for 48 hours indoors prior to installing. 


Refresh your bathroom with new caulk! This is a project most of us overlook but it is a very important job. Recaulking your bathroom will not only make the space feel fresh and clean but prevent any water damage from occurring. 


Last but not least, update your lighting, check all bulbs and change out old ones as needed. We all know we tend to keep the lights on a bit more frequently during the darker months, now is a great time to change out any lighting and update any bulbs that are about to burn out. 




If you are thinking about tackling any of the projects on our list have fun and be safe!