Designing An Office Or Homeschooling Space

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We understand that a vast majority of you are now not only working from home but homeschooling as well. This tremendous life change requires a functional space in your home for everyone to work. We are going to provide a few tips and tricks to assist in the transformation of your home to accommodate these changes! 


Create a minimalist office space look by attaching cabinets at floor level to a blank wall and then adding a desktop. This option will create storage for all sorts of projects and work essentials while taking up little to no space! 


If you are tight on space do not fear, this option is perfect for you! Create a fold-down office space, think Murphy Bed for your study! You can create a shelf on the wall the folds down into a desktop, this option is perfect for an apartment, small cabin, or anyone with limited square footage.


If you have extra space in your home, consider converting a spare room into a study. You can decorate it with a custom desk, add-in storage cabinets for unsightly extras, and even throw in a bookshelf for all your homeschooling necessities. Add a few adorable decorative throw pillows for the kiddos to cozy up and read or do workbooks while you work! 


Another great option, which is a bit more of a commitment, is rearranging your kitchen and adding a desk island workspace for both you and your kids. You can create a large workspace for all sorts of projects while keeping it appealing to the eye. That way when you are done working for the day you can clean up and it looks like a seamless part of your kitchen, or any space you decide to add it to! Interested in tackling this project? Get inspired here


These changing times come with challenges we hope that one of these options works for your home and helps improve your workspace!