Fall Decor Simple and Easy

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We get asked all the time, how can I easily decorate for fall? To answer this simply, take a subtle approach when it comes to fall decorations throughout the house. Painted pumpkins, candlesticks nestled among books, or a small vase full of fall flowers. You can also incorporate pinecones and acorn accents, chunky knit blankets, and a few decorative throw pillows. These home decor additions can make your whole house feel ready for the new season. 


Pumpkins, we all love carving or painting pumpkins for the front porch but, we can also bring them inside! Grab a few real mini pumpkins for your mantel or even a few fabric ones to reuse year after year! 


Candlesticks, you can find these anywhere in all shapes and sizes. We love to pair them with a pumpkin spice candle to enjoy the aroma of the season! 


The best fall flowers are Marigolds, Chrysanthemums, Sunflowers, or Hydrangeas. We also like adding some tall seasonal grasses, stems, or leaves.  You can place them in your favorite vase or even use a pumpkin to add a special fall touch.


Pinecones or acorns are the perfect centerpieces for your dining room table, accents in a bathroom, or a seasonal item on each plate while hosting a family dinner.


Can you have too many comfortable throws and pillows? We don't think so! Pulling out all those items each season makes the house nice and cozy for the cooler months ahead. 


If you incorporate these simple and easy decorating tips you are sure to feel ready for the fall this year!