Family Matters - Time To Catch Up

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We absolutely love keeping you up-to-date with everything going on in our busy lives here at the Keira Dreher Group so here is a quick family update from the past month! 


Catch up with Keira | November seemed to whiz by! We've been focusing on what we are grateful for in our lives and what positive has come out of COVID. For me, I'm grateful that COVID caused Jerry's employers to tighten their belts, and that included eliminating his position. I've enjoyed his help all summer and fall with real estate and we recently made the decision that he will become a permanent part of The Keira Dreher Group as my Associate. I love spending my workdays with him and if it weren't for COVID that would have never happened! 

We enjoyed Thanksgiving with several of Jerry's kids- they are a fun bunch to get together with! My birthday was right on the tail of Thanksgiving and I loved all of the texts, emails, PMs, and Facebook birthday well wishes- this is one of the BEST parts of social media!  

Jacob is between running seasons and you will still find him training hard on the trails, in the gym, and up in the mountains. He's taken to backcountry skiing and is looking forward to the slopes at Alyeska opening up. Carter spends half his day on school zooms and luckily still gets to go to soccer practice a couple of times a week. Sophia is still happily in Texas learning to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in creative ways (primarily through social media). Jerry started working out at Planet Fitness and usually goes after I'm asleep at night (which is so crazy to me that anyone can work out, or do anything for that matter, after 10 pm because I am zonked by then!).

We have our house decorated for Christmas, a list of fun Christmas movies ready to go, and great eats planned! I am personally very much looking forward to a less frantic and busy holiday season this year.

Happy Holidays to you all!





Catch up with Kelsey | That was quite possibly, the shortest November of my life🤣! It felt like it flew by to me and I have almost no photos to prove that we had a really fun month! I feel like we are finally starting to settle into homeschooling and realize the many benefits that come with having the kids home! Aside from having my dish doers and driveway shovelers here, at the ready, every day, I am finding the evening darkness to be less bothersome as our routines have shifted this year. In the years past, it got dark as the kids were getting home from school and our days were moving from school/work mode to home mode and I would get tired so early. Now, without this daily shift, I am not noticing the dark as much! That is a major silver lining! Also, something really crazy is happening around here, my kids seem to be getting along a lot better! My mindset is shifting and I think I am starting to appreciate this homeschool thing! 

Max and Mia had a short futsal season this year that ended up being a lot more practice than games and we are really just so thankful that they have soccer in their lives. It offers a bit of normalcy, structure to their week, and time to burn off some steam. I am proud of them. They seem to roll with every change seamlessly. The kids began wearing masks for games and parents were not allowed to be spectators as games, instead, we watched via Facebook live from our cars! Life sure is different, but we will keep rolling with it! 

Off the field, Max and Mia have been playing in the snow a ton. One of our neighbors has a pretty great sledding hill in their backyard so they spend a lot of time over there. Mia has been doing yoga (the Amazon Prime Video app has some great yoga classes for both kids and adults) and Max has been practicing archery every chance he gets!

Nate and I have both been working a lot but, when we can, we like to cook together. We have had some pretty delicious meals lately and I think the carrot cake/cheesecake combo has been, hands down, the yummiest thing created in our kitchen! This is why I have to ride my bike every day🤣! 

Wishing everyone a very healthy, safe, and MERRY December!