Family Matters Update, Let's Catch Up!

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Let's catch up, we have been busy over the past few weeks from embracing the snowfall here in Alaska to enjoying sunsets in Hawaii. We are recharged ready to take on homeschooling and tackle the real estate world! Here is what we’ve been up to. The highlight of January for ME was a wonderfully relaxing trip to Maui with Jerry! Our one goal was to watch every sunrise and every sunset- and we did! We took many long walks on the beach, ate some AMAZING food, saw TONS of whales, and soaked in lots of much-needed sun! We loved every minute of it- the whole time I was in awe at this beautiful world that was created for us to enjoy- God mercifully gave us beautiful places like Hawaii to enjoy as a respite for our often challenging every day lives. Being in Hawaii helped me to recharge and refresh!

The boys have spent as many days as they can skiing down at Alyeska- we have good snow this year and I'm glad they are able to enjoy it! Jacob is continuing to train for the upcoming track season, unfortunately, he has an Achilles injury right now and he hopes to be back to full speed by March. Carter can't wait to go back to school, he's encouraged to see the younger grades successfully returning and he is really hoping the district is able to keep their plan to send high school students back 4th quarter- he would love to end his freshman school year AT school! Sophia is continuing to be a bright light to those she's serving in Texas- we miss her and we are so happy she's where she is.


Now, let's catch up with Kelsey!  Happy New Year!!! After such a crazy 2020, January brought some downtime for the Shirleys! Well, at least the adult Shirleys! My parents came to visit us for New Years' and then took Max and Mia back to Tucson with them to spend 10 days in the sunshine! The day I realized we would be forced to homeschool this year, I called my mom and told her that in the middle of winter, I would need her to "tap in" and homeschool the kids for a couple of weeks so I could get a break! My parents were thrilled at the idea and boy, did they deliver!!! Max and Mia went to the Desert Museum, ate at all of our favorite AZ spots, golfed, swam, went for hikes, and spent some time with my grandpa! And they even got their school work done too! They had an absolute blast and Nate and I got to recharge! It was wonderful! 

The kids came home mid-month and we all jumped back into our normal routines. School, work, soccer, etc. It was the perfect break and I am so glad they are home!