Family Matters With Keira

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This year is off to a fantastic start, we have had the best time traveling, working, and spending time with family. Here is what we've been up to!

In February we were indulgent and decided to take another trip to Hawaii! This time we brought Jacob, Carter, two of Jerry's kids Carinne and Brenton, and a friend. We're calling this Jacob's early graduation trip (figured we better get outside when the getting is good!). I absolutely loved our second trip differently than our first! I got so much joy out of watching all the kids have fun- and it was wonderful "blended" family bonding time. We never stopped going every day- from beach to beach, snorkeling, body surfing, surfing, boogie boarding, eating, boating, and on and on. It was great- not as relaxing per se as our first trip but very rewarding. I am blessed to have been able to go to such a beautiful place twice in the past month! 

Huge Congratulations to Jacob who was admitted to BYU-Provo on scholarship! He found out while we were sitting on Ka'anapali Beach and we enjoyed celebratory virgin Pina Coladas in his honor! Carter is now driving- he finally got his learner's permit so watch out on those roads. Sophia is her happy optimistic hard-working self making the best of her "COVID" missionary experience in Texas. She was recently transferred to Grand Prairie and LOVES it!

Jerry and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Feb 23- Yes I know 2 w-h-o-l-e years! Very happy years to be sure. 

I am so glad we finally have more sun- but I could do without these awful cold temperatures.


Happy March!