Final Walk-Through Checklist

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Real Estate

You have made it! You are about to do your final walk-through all your hard work has paid off. You have dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's from getting pre-approved for a home loan, touring each home to find the one of your dreams, making your offer, completing the inspection, and your bank's appraiser has submitted their report. You are about to close on your home all you have to do is your final walk-through. Here are a few things to consider during your final walk-thought to make sure you have a flawless closing. 

When scheduling your final walk-through do it only days before closing. You don't want to do a final walk-through weeks before and something happens to your home if it is sitting vacant or during the move-out process. A final walk-through can take anywhere from half an hour to multiple hours depending on the size of the home. Take your time, do not rush be sure to examine all cabinets, closets, rooms, systems, interior, exterior, check every nook and cranny. 

While you are on your final walk-through be sure to review that all your repair requests have been met, no new repair or maintenance issues have occurred since the inspection, and all appliances and systems are functioning properly. We understand this might seem like a lot to critique but double-checking these items prior to taking ownership is extremely important as things can happen between the inspection and move out. 

A few items to bring with you on your walk-through include:

· Original offer including agreed-upon terms

· Written agreements on anything that needed to be fixed and or updated.

· Inspection report 

· Camera or phone to document any damage if needed and a notebook to record any issues.

· A charger or something you can plug into each outlet you confirm they are working. 


We are wishing you the best closing experience and if you are one of our clients we can't wait to be with you every step of the way!