Grateful and Thankful

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We wanted to take a moment to say how thankful we are for all of you, our clients, family, and friends. We wouldn't be where we are today without the endless support from all of you all. From the bottom of our hearts thank-you. 


We are so grateful for all the clients, friends, and family we have that we are giving away a complimentary pie for you to enjoy at your table this Thanksgiving! If you haven't reserved your pie, do it now. Please reserve no later than November 20th. You can reserve your pie by clicking here. If you are interested in learning more about this giveaway please click here for additional information. 


In the spirit of giving, we wanted to share a few other ways you can give back this holiday. 


1) Leave a thank-you gift basket on your friend's doorstep. Fill it with all things fall, scented candles, fresh baked goods, and a thank you card. 


2) Write letters of gratitude. Write to your kids, partner, friends, or neighbor. Let the special people in your life know how grateful you are for them! Handwritten letters and the kind words inside them are so unique and can have a big influence on a loved one. 


3) Random act of kindness. This may be one of our favorite things to do, you brighten someone's whole day just by being kind. You can give a compliment to a stranger or pay for someone's groceries behind you in line. You can donate to a food bank or give to someone in need. Hold the door open for a stranger or donate unwanted toys to a shelter. Doing these little things will have a great impact on someone’s life this holiday season. 


We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving, we can’t wait to see you all at our pie giveaway event to tell you just how grateful we are for YOU!