How To Design The Best Yard

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If you are looking to design the best yard on the block, you're in luck. This blog will give you all the information you need to create the most beautiful curb appeal and make your home stand out from all the rest! 

The first thing you will need to do when you put pen to paper and start designing is to think outside the box. You want to make your yard stand out from all the rest. Take a walk around and see what plants you love in your neighborhood and what ones you can do without. Next, do some research on the best native species that will thrive in your area. Then look at what plants require a bit more upkeep and design your garden to incorporate both seamlessly. 

A few helpful tips to think about when designing your front garden bed is to design the space in straight rows for a more formal appearance, this will help the eye navigate through all the foliage instead of getting lost amongst a mess of vines and flowers. Make sure you always plant from tallest to shortest, tallest plants back towards the home, and work your way forward to the smallest and shortest ground cover. In the middle incorporate a small hedge if possible and tie in your whole garden bed with a splash of color. If you stick to this rule of thumb your garden beds will look flawless and stand out from all the rest! 

Once you have designed your garden beds think about incorporating a beautiful walkway to add a big WOW factor to your curb appeal. Try to design a welcoming and inviting walking path to lead up to your home and allow your guests to enjoy their trip up to your front door taking in all the views of your garden! 

Last but certainly not least, use every full inch when designing your yard. If you decide to leave the main yard space open for playing, that is fine! We love having a nice big yard for activities but try to fill in everything else. Include raised garden beds for planting veggies, planter boxes under the windows for an added pop of color and, any other trees, shrubs, or flowers you want to enjoy during the spring and summer. 

We can guarantee if you take the time to sit down and strategically design your yard and garden your home will look completely transformed and stand out from any other in your neighborhood!