Importance of Home Staging

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Real Estate

Are you looking to put your home on the market? We have two words that will help you not only sell your home faster but for a better price. Home-Staging. We can not stress the power of home staging enough. Staging your home will transform your space and, your buyer will fall in love at first sight. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes on the market sell 73% faster, on average, than their non-staged counterparts. We are going to run you through a few staging tips for each room of your home. 



· Remove any fridge magnets and depersonalize the space. 

· Keep the countertops clean only keeping out fresh flowers or candles. 

· Scrub appliances 

· Organize your pantry 

· Keep the garbage out of sight. 


Dining Room 

· Set the table so the viewer can get an idea of what it is like to entertain in the space! 



· Scrub, Scrub, Scrub that bathroom make sure it is spotless. 

· Create a luxury feel to your bathroom, invest in some fluffy towels a nice soap dispenser, a new shower curtain, and bathmat. 



· Depersonalize as much a possible in your bedrooms and throughout the house as a whole. 

· Touch up paint as needed.

· Keep closets cleaned and organized! 

· Wash all the windows. 

· Is your bedroom small? You can incorporate a nice mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space. 



· Update your house number with something legible and attractive! 

· Power wash the exterior of your home to make it shine.

· Make sure your doorbell is in working order

· Trim any hedges, update any landscaping and make sure your lawn is mowed. 


These are just a few things you can do on your own! We have worked with a fantastic home staging company in the past About Face Home Staging and they have done a great job getting homes ready for the market. Click here to learn more and get a few additional tips and tricks for staging your home.