Lifespan Of Household Appliances

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Do you ever find yourself wondering, how long is the lifespan of my appliances in my home? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Here is a breakdown of the average life expectancy for household items.


Water Heater: 7-12 Years 

Lifespan is all dependent on how well the appliance is maintained. 


Dishwasher: Average of 8 Years

Depending on the brand and amount of use could be more or less. 


Dryer: Average of 13 Years 

Keep up with the maintenance of your dryer and it should have no problem lasting this long or possibly longer. 



Washing Machine: 5-15 Years 

The lifespan gap is dependent on a few factors, how well the product has been kept, the brand, and just overall usage of the appliance. 


Furnace: 15-25 Years 

We highly recommend yearly checks on this appliance to make sure it remains in working order year after year. 


Microwave: Average of 10 Years 

Again, this can be dependent on how often the appliance is used. 


Gas Oven: 10-18 Years 

Gas Range: 15 Years

Electric Range: 12-15 Years 

These are all dependent on how well they are kept and cleaned over the years. 


Refrigerator: 10-13 Years 

If you own a refrigerator with a water/ice machine attached be sure to change those filters out regularly. As soon as the light comes on replace the filter. This will assist in the longevity of your appliance. 


Ceiling Fan: 5-10 Years 

Ceiling fans are not common in Alaska, but we do see them from time to time. If you have a ceiling fan in your home here is a helpful tip. During the Summer run the fan counterclockwise, this will help push the cold air down to cool your home! 


We hope that this information helps ease your mind on the longevity of your household items. Keeping track of their lifespan can assist in planning a budget for any future replacements or upgrades!