Maximize Your Produce Production In A Small Garden

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Don't let minimal gardening space discourage you from planting loads of produce this spring. We have a few nifty tricks that will help you maximize your production while maintaining a small gardening footprint.


The best tip we can give to you before planting your crops is.. do extensive research. You need to make sure you are planting produce that will thrive in your gardening environment. To do that you need to take into consideration the location of your garden, think about what direction it is facing. Does it receive a bunch of sunlight? Is the space more shaded? Do you have dry soil or wet soil? Then you have to decide what vegetables and fruits will thrive in your garden based on where it is located. These are all factors that need to be looked at prior to planting. 


If you are working with a smaller yard you will also have to consider space when planting. The best way to maximize your garden space is to put together garden beds in nice clean rows. You will only need them wide enough to plant two rows of veggies or fruit. We highly suggest incorporating a walkway in between for easy picking once your harvest is ready! Last but not least always think vertical. If you don't have a ton of space on the ground make those plants literally grow up by incorporating trellises or verticle planting boxes. 


Next, you will want to plant for several harvests. Plant produce that will bloom on a rotation, beginning the middle and end of the season. This will be helpful as your garden starts to grow to give you time to actually use up the produce you have before the next set of seeds come into bloom. 

Taking care of a garden is a lot of hard work, you will need to commit and set aside time to prep the garden prior to planting. Turn the soil, compost and mulch then prep the seeds plant and then consider all the weeding pruning, and weaving of vines you will have to do to keep your garden healthy! 


If you work hard, plant smart, and utilize all of your square footage, your garden will thrive this year and all the years to come. Happy planting!