Maximizing A Small Space

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Are you limited on square footage? If you answered yes, that doesn't mean you need to feel cramped or claustrophobic. These tips will help you get the most out of your home, making it feel luxurious and spacious. 


· Stack up your drawers and shelves, You don't want to take up any floor space if you don't have to. Think of adding floating shelves or incorporating skinny stacked drawers to maximize space floor to ceiling. 


·  If you are one to paint, go for one bold color versus mixing colors and textures. If you stick with one hue your eye is more likely to get lost amongst the sea of color instead of bouncing around to all different areas of the home. Believe it or not, this will actually make your space feel bigger. 


· Do you have an attic or a crawlspace? Now is the time to reclaim it! Use it for storage, rework it into a useable space. Anytime you have additional square footage use it. 


· Keep your furniture sleek. You don't want to overcrowd your smaller space with a massive sofa or lounge chair. Shop according to what will fit appropriately in your space and what will compliment your home. 


· Speaking of sleek design, build in an office space using floating shelves or a folding down desk top. Click here to check out our latest blog to see how you can design an office using little to no space.


· Last but not least bring in the sunshine, the lighter the better! Small spaces thrive on light and bright so whenever you can let it shine!