Organizing, Purging and Resetting for Fall

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Fall is nearly here and what better way to soak up the last few days of summer than by prepping your home for a new season? We are rounding up the top things you need to organize, purge, and tidy before the cooler weather makes its appearance. 


Organize these spaces: 

· Kitchen drawers

· Closets

· Pantry

· Playroom 


Tidy up and visually reset this fall by: 

· Trimming all hedges back for the year.

· Changing out your doormat.

· Adding a fall wreath to your door.

· Pulling out the fall decor and candles.

· Adding extra texture to a room (pull out the chunky knit blankets)

· Remove any unused summer clothing from closets for the season.



· Clean out your car and trash any remaining items.

· While organizing your pantry, donate any unused food items to a local food bank.

· When you are cleaning out your closets and tidying up any summer clothing, make sure you go through your items and donate any that are unused! 


These simple tasks will not only make you feel marvelous heading into fall, but it will also help keep your home orderly year-round.