Our Recent Family Matters Update

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We love keeping you all up-to-date with everything going on here at the Keira Dreher Group including our family matters. Here is what we have been up to!

Catch up with Keira | October was a VERY exciting month in our home! Jacob had cross country Regions and State - he was thrilled he got to run the entire season and of course we enjoyed watching his races. He submitted his first college application (he's only applying to one college ;-)), and deposited a check at the bank drive-through (he still can't quite understand why he has to physically go somewhere to place money in his bank account). Like I said exciting times!
Carter earned a Varsity letter for Tennis, started a group chat with some friends from school (this is a milestone because I have been trying to get him to "socialize" in some way for months and he finally took the first step!), won Homecoming Prince for the Freshman class, and had a small get together with friends for Halloween.
Jerry and I were able to get away for a week to Southern Utah where we hiked and biked in Zion, hiked in Bryce, and rode horses in Red Canyon. It was SO wonderful to get out of state, take a much-needed break, and feel somewhat "normal". We enjoyed some shopping near the Strip in Vegas and ate some good food at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a wonderful trip!
Sophia is in The Colony Texas right now, she is loving her service as a missionary and is learning to find great joy testifying of Christ and helping people find relief from their trials by coming unto Christ.
The holidays are upon us and look forward to seeing many of you at "pie pick-up" soon! -Keira

Catch up with Kelsey | Looking back through my October photos, it’s clear we had a pretty great month! Nate has been checking off all kinds of items from his Honey-Do list! My favorite is the new chandelier he hung in our entryway and over our kitchen table! One of the keys to getting through the dark winters is great lighting in your house! Max and Mia moved from outdoor soccer to indoor soccer and futsal began! I LOVE futsal because it’s a quick-paced version of soccer that requires technique, skill, and teamwork! It’s so fun to watch however spectators have been banned due to covid so I watch via FaceTime Live from my car 🤣. I took Mia on a surprise trip to Seattle to meet up with my mom, sister, and cousin. The surprise went off without a hitch and the cherry on top of the surprise was taking her to the American Girl store as a late birthday gift. We had a blast and it felt really good to travel! These freezing temps have made us pull the board games back out! We already have many games of Monopoly and Sorry under our belts! I hit my “Century Ride” (100th ride) with Peloton which is celebrated in the Peloton community! It was exciting to reach that milestone and I look for many more to come! I have become a bit obsessed with these workouts! 🤣
Happy fall and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at pie pickups this year! -Kelsey