Prepping Your Guest Room For The Holidays

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If you are like us the holidays are surrounded by family. This means you will have at least one family member using up your guest bedroom this time of year. We want our guests to feel so comfortable during their stay we do our best to bring our A-game when it comes to decorating this space! Here are a few tips for prepping your guest room for hosting this season.



1) Make sure you leave plenty of space for your guests to comfortably fit in your guest room. We tend to see extra bedroom space crammed with all your unused decore items or extra furniture that doesn't quite fit in other areas of your home. Try to eliminate those things completely if you are not using them. Be sure to not overstuff your guest room space but decorate appropriately to maximize space for a pleasant stay. 


2) Keep things tidy! Make sure you have your guest's closet cleaned out so they have space to unpack, hang up clothes, or stash their suitcase. Since you are cleaning out the closet make sure all side tables and dressers are clear too! While cleaning place additional cozy blankets and a small electric heater and fan in the closet for your guests to use if need be! 


3) Lightly decorate your guest room for the holiday. They will appreciate the extra special touch, nothing like walking into space with a small lit tree and garland hanging to make you feel ready for the holidays! While you are decorating be sure to include a welcome box. Leave a nice little note welcoming your guest, a bottle of water, and some snacks. You can even leave hygiene products such as small bottles of shampoo, a loofa, and lotion.


These few tips will take your guest room to the next level for your special visitors. We hope you enjoy decorating this holiday season!