Seasonal Checklist

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We can hardly believe that January is nearly over. This month has flown by and, we are trying to wrap our head around where the time has gone. Before we let the rest of the year slip away, we thought it would be best to post a helpful guide of monthly to-do's to keep your home organized and looking remarkable year-round! 



· Put away holiday decor if you have not already. 

· Purchase any necessary backu equipment such as extra batteries, flashlights, etc. in case of power failure during the cold and dark months. 



· Organize tax paperwork and documents in preparation for tax season.  

· Review any insurances that may need to be changed or renewed. 



· Change out batteries in carbon monoxide detectors.

· Check all smoke detectors to make sure they are in working order. 

· Change out any vent filters.



· Spring cleaning can begin! Start to (hopefully) put away any unnecessary winter gear for the season. 

· Go through old clothes, home decor items, and toys.

· Begin to plan your spring and summer gardens. 



· Time to plant your spring gardens! If the weather is still chilly you can start most plants from seed indoors if needed. 

· Clean your screens 

· Wash your windows 

· Clean up your yard and sweep your sidewalks of any winter debris. 



· Inspect your patio, deck, or exterior buildings for any wear and tear and fix as needed. 

· Clean off your patio furniture or pull it out of storage and set it up outside because summer is on its way! 



· Take the time to clean out your garage. Dispose of any extras that you do not need or will not use. 

· Treat lawn if necessary.

· Power wash the exterior of your home. 



· Clean out your mudroom

· Service any winter essentials like your snow blower or plow. 

· Swap out vent covers, filters. 



· Put away lawn furniture for the season. 

· Schedule any maintenance on systems in your home.

· Double-check all detectors in the home to make sure they are still working and swap out batters if needed.  





· Rake up all fallen leaves.

· Begin to winterize your home.

· Pull out any fall decor you want to use.

· Place jumper cables in your car in preparation for the cold months ahead. 



· Holidays are just around the corner time to give your home a deep clean and prep your guest room for any family members who will be paying a visit. 





· Enjoy the holidays to wrap up the year!