Simple Tips For Interior Design

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Designing your home can come with challenges. You have to really take the time to analyze each space and decide what style will work best within it. If you are passionate about interior design or if you are just interested in a few tips to help spruce up your home, implement these simple rules and you will notice a huge difference.

1) Always attempt to make your ceilings look taller! We want to make sure we always do our best to maximize the wall space from floor to ceiling. You won't be physically busting out walls and exposing rafters (unless you want to) We are talking about using a design element to draw the eye up in return making the ceilings appear taller. You can do this a few different ways, add crown molding, add a high hanging chandelier, place your curtain rods up high between the window frame and ceiling, therefore, making your curtains appear longer making the room look taller. These are just a few examples, the options are endless. 


2) When it comes to your walls we want to eliminate plain white drywall at all costs. Dress up your walls, make them flattering and fun. Add texture, add an accent wall, wallpaper, shiplap, or paint. Taking the time to add these design elements will transform your space completely. 


3) If you are working with a room that has awkward nooks or crannies don't count them out! Square footage matters in your home and however you can work that into your design, do it! Transform a small corner space into a beautiful reading nook, extra storage, or a gallery wall. 


4) Always make your pairings unique and one of a kind. There is nothing wrong with mixing traditional upholstery with a Scandinavian wood side table and an antique lamp. The key? Making sure the color pallet all works together. The design elements themselves should not only look appealing in the space but the colors should complement each other.


5) Last but not least, make your bathroom design count. If you have a bathroom that needs to be redone take the time to turn it into the retreat of your dreams! All you have to do is add a bit of texture or calming paint color to the wall, a few plants that will thrive, and a fancy light fixture. Treat yourself to a new set of towels and light a scented candle next time you are enjoying your bath, these subtle changes will make you truly feel like you are enjoying a day at the spa!