Valentines Day Gift Ideas + Enter To Win A Dinner

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Valentine's day is nearly here and we want to share a few special gifts you can give this year that are handmade and heartfelt. 


Bake a loaf of fresh bread for the one you love! We all know that chocolates and candies are a staple on Valentine's day. Why not mix it up with a freshly baked treat?! You can even finish the wrapping with a cute pun, "I loaf you" or "Somebody loafes you" Ready to start baking? Get inspired here


Fill a mason jar full of essential self-care products! All you have to do is purchase a case of mason jars with lids (or reuse ones you already have) and fill them with the spa basics, face masks, nail polish, chapstick, bath bombs! The possibilities are endless! 


Heart-shaped hand warmers are not only adorable but very functional for the colder months here in Alaska. All you need to make these gifts is felt for fabric, string and a threading needle, rice and, lavender. View this tutorial to make your very own heart-shaped hand warmers!  


Another great gift idea is colorful heart-shaped crayons for the little ones in your home! Do you have extra broken crayons laying around from school projects? Perfect now is the time to use them up! All you need is a heart-shaped pan and those crayon scraps to get started. Add all your crayon scraps into the pan (remove the paper from crayons) and bake between 225F - 250F for anywhere from 10-20 minutes. You will have to check on them continually to make sure they are fully melted. Once melted take them out and let them cool. Once cooled pop the crayons out of the pan and enjoy! 


We have saved the best gift idea for last! We want YOU to win a dinner for two, on us! We want to send you and your sweetheart on a special evening out at Haute Quarter Grill on Saturday, February 13th at 6 pm to celebrate Valentine's Day. All you have to do is head over to our Facebook or Instagram and tag everyone that you know who deserves a night all about them! We'll announce the winner on social media. You can tag anyone your best friend, your daughter, your significant other, or your mom - everyone deserves a free dinner! Click HERE to enter to win on Facebook and click HERE to enter to win on Instagram. Good luck!